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ICS Products is a results-driven company that provides customised and complete engineering solutions for the mining, construction and materials handling industries.

As our company name—Innovate•Create•Supply—defines, we deliver a comprehensive and complete service powering your productivity through advanced product design, quality manufacturing, and efficient supply of components and equipment.

Our independent and broad product range and capabilities extend to wear solutions, castings, pump casings, lifting and rigging, and ground support & erosion control products.

Being a totally independent company, we can supply a wide range of brands and component types, which are durable enough to perform even in the harshest environments and abrasive situations.

With around 100 years combined experience working in the foundry business and across the mining industry, the ICS Products Team will work collaboratively with you to identify issues and create smart solutions that will make a real impact on uptime, optimise
production outcomes and increase profit margins.

We work hard to continuously exceed your customer service expectations, and focus on delivering what we see as the four cornerstones of our business:

  • Customer Service: minimal lead times and accessibility
  • Innovative Design: plus, complete ownership transferred to client
  • Safety & Quality Control
  • Top Supply Chain: global and local strategic sourcing partners.

Larger Than We Seem

ICS Products has a diverse network and a number of respected local and international strategic sourcing partners who enhance and extend our capabilities.

This combined with our dynamic and agile processes mean we are able to service orders no matter how large or complex.

We strive to continuously improve our design practices and manufacturing techniques through an ongoing commitment and heavy investment in global innovation, and sourcing quality suppliers.

ICS Products offers individualised service combined with the ability to deliver large capabilities.

Replacing Issues with Solutions

We established ICS Products on the belief that the customer is entitled to not only the best but a complete service. That may sound simple on paper but in reality, it meant a progressive and bold approach in order to do things differently to established practices.

For starters, we believed that our clients should be involved collaboratively in the development of product design and prototyping, and on completion should retain ownership of the design. Our clients appreciate this ‘you pay for it, you own it’ approach and as a result, we benefit from long-term partnerships, repeat business, and industry referrals.

Accessibility and superior customer service are other ways in which we stand out from the rest. Others may promise, but we actually deliver on being available day and night in accordance with the fluctuating demands of the mining and construction industries we serve.

In all that we do, we strive to become a valued and trusted partner in your company.

The Benefits of Working with Us

With over 100 years combined experience working in the foundry business and diverse areas across the mining, construction and bulk handling industries, the ICS Products Team is dedicated to delivering:

  • Complete service from individual design to custom manufacture and supply
  • Design/licensing/patent ownership retained by you
  • Expertise and industry know-how
  • Advanced foundry process, proven metallurgical expertise and technically controlled solutions
  • Network of strategic local and global supply partnerships
  • Competitive pricing through a commitment to keeping our overheads low
  • High quality, long-lasting and innovative products
  • A wide range of brands and product types
  • Superior pre-, during and after-sales customer service
  • Day and night client accessibility.

Our Development Process

Whether you have already identified an issue or require us to review your site to determine areas for improvement, we can formulate a solution that will make a real difference to your bottom line.

Each client works with a dedicated project manager together with an agile and diverse team of experts, who provide clarity and insights in order to transform your requirements into tangible concepts.

It begins and ends with investing our time and energy into understanding your business and goals in order to customise the best solution for you.

Quality Control & Safety

We specialise in manufacturing quality castings in various grades from all types of irons including Manganese, Chrome White Iron, Nihard, as well as sand, investment and lost wax processes in our state-of-the-art foundry facility.

Quality control and safety take priority throughout our manufacturing processes.

Practical Solutions To The Most Complex Issues

ICS Products offers multiple services under the one roof to save you time and money.
Continual improvement – not duplication – is a major aim. We draw on the latest technologies and developments both locally and globally to consistently perfect our products.

Our Australian engineered products are built for longevity and to the highest safety standards.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we are able to deliver on customised designs ensuring shorter supply lead times and tight quality control.

Our high-quality solutions include:

  • fixed or mobile wear solutions
  • castings across all materials e.g. Manganese, Chrome White Iron, NiHard
  • pump casings
  • ground support; erosion control mesh and products
  • lifting/rigging; working and heights
  • design prototypes, 3D scanning and imagery.

Long Lasting Wear Solutions For The Toughest Conditions

Through our advanced foundry process, we are able to produce finished products that are hard wearing and hard working.

All of our products are tested under extreme situations and in a variety of circumstances to ensure durability and longevity.

ICS Products offers:

Fixed Plant Wear Solutions

  • Cast Liners
  • Quench & Tempered (Q&T) Liners
  • Weld Overlay Plate
  • Apron Feeder Pans
  • Apron Feeder Chain
  • Liner Bolts.

Mobile Fleet Wear Solutions

  • Bucket Liners
  • Truck Tray Liners.

Ground Support & Erosion Control

ICS Products has a wide range of ground support and erosion control products including Steel Mesh, Concrete Geotextile, and Revetment Mattress solutions for all your reinforcement needs.

These products are suitable for a variety of uses such as ditch lining and slope protection, and offer easy/faster installation, strength and cost-effectiveness. They are also available in smaller or bulk batch rolls.

Lifting, Rigging, Working at Heights – inspections & tagging, equipment supply

We are specialists in providing Lifting and Rigging Equipment and are also qualified in completing Onsite Tagging and Load Testing Services. For more information on how to eliminate manual handling and increase efficiency and safety in your operations and
liner replacement, contact ICS Products now.